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May 19, 2013 10:30am EDT
have been described as onerous document requests, delaying approval for tax exempt status. can you give us assurances that the irs is not targeting particular groups based on political leanings? >> let me start by saying, yes, i can give you assurances. as you know, we pride ourselves on being a nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization. there's absolutely no targeting. >> now that's not true. there's not evidence that mr. schulman did know at that point. why was congress repeatedly misinformed? >> we learned congress was informed. congressman issa, who requested the original probe on this. >> last fall? >> last fall. and the congressman did an interview on monday where he said he was pretty much aware of what the report was going to say before it came out. so he was aware. now, i can't speak to what former director schulman knew. i think the acting commissioner former commissioner schulman. the acting commissioneri eriner about that. >> and here was her argument, she said the media and congress are sleuthing for some hint that mr. obama picked up the phone and publicly suggest that conser
May 19, 2013 10:00am EDT
.r.s. has a problem, which groups deserve tax exempt status and which don't. >> a lot. >> a lot, that's true, more from conservative groups than liberal groups. was somebody trying to shorten that job by putting in search terms and made a mistake? we don't know. chris: here is what we know now. we're getting this in rolling disclosure which is the worst way for the government to learn. there was an i.r.s. investigation of themselves months ago. there was an investigation which must have summed up its workweeks ago. it was leaked last week and the white house was informed of that sometime in april. all of this investigation and my question is, does any believe this president is running the show? >> that's a rhetorical question. >> some some ways he is not worried about press freedom seeing he gets so much press ion from information. this could have really energized them and made a real difference for the tea party groups. chris: the president needing a strong hand on managing things. we're looking at the history of the show seeing how much has changed in 11 years. look at this parallel, w's
May 19, 2013 6:00pm EDT
they will get $377 million before taxes. >>> right now metro north crews in connecticut are removing damaged trains from the tracks after friday's collision. the train cars are being pulled from the crash site in fairfield and taken to a nearby rail yard. crews will work around the clock to repair 2,000 feet of damaged track and overhead wires. that means amtrak service on the busy northeast corridor remains suspended between new york and new haven. the ntsb says trains were going 70 miles an hour at the time of the crash, which was the posted speed. more than 70 people had to be taken to the hospital after that crash. two of those patients are still in critical condition tonight. >>> they knew what they were doing. that's what one owner of an arlington pub are saying about the thieves that broke in to his business early this morning. derrick ward shows how the suspects got in, what they wanted and got out. >> reporter: it was a typical busy sunday morning at the crystal city ports pub but the hours before were anything but typical. >> the atm was broken in to. got in the restaurant and took
May 19, 2013 8:00am EDT
of this goes to the federal government in taxes. the winner in florida, very lucky, no state income tax here. >> oh, wow. lucky indeed. although, is florida one of those states where in order to claim the money, you actually have to come forward and reveal your identity? >> reporter: yes. they don't have to hold a press conference, but it is part of the public record. so this winner today, who is probably -- i guess as popular as a newborn puppy -- will have more friends than he or she ever realized they had -- will eventually have their identity revealed. so if they follow the playbook, they'll take a day or two to get their affairs in order before they reveal their identity. >> hopefully, they're calling good counsel at this point. kerry, thanks very much. >>> we want to turn to the severe weather very likely across the nation's midsection. roughly 35 million people potentially at risk. the weather channel's mike bettis is chasing the storms today. he was on hand saturday when a big twister touched down in kansas. he's there live with more. mike, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good mor
May 19, 2013 6:30pm EDT
: the winning ticket is worth $590.5 million. $148 million goes right to the federal government in taxes. if the winner takes the lump sum, it will be a $370 million payday. the second largest lottery winnings in the united states, ever. >> tonight we had the biggest jackpot in powerball history. >> reporter: the $590 million jackpot is so large, it could fund the city of zephyrhills' entire government budget for the next 12 years. >> i don't see how one person could ever spend that kind of money. in them, their children and their grandchildren couldn't spend that kind of money. >> reporter: while we're here waiting to find out who won the powerball, in virginia and new jersey, there were two winning tickets sold in the mega millions, the identities of those winning tickets owners are yet to come forward but by comparison to the $590 million in the powerball? those mega million winners are going to have to split a measly $190 million. lester? >> tough times indeed, kerry sanders, thanks very much. >>> you may feel like you need a lottery jackpot when you hear the latest news at the pump.
May 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
you. the lump sum is $380 million before taxes. we'll have the winning powerball numbers tonight at 11:00. people in virginia and maryland need to check their lottery tickets. someone in virginia won last night's jackpot worth $190 million. the winner will split the pot with someone in new jersey. tuesday's jackpot goes back down to $12 million. >> it's crazy it's just $12 million. >>> an asteroid is on track to come close to earth. >>> new video of a tornado's direct path with a texas neighborhood. >>> plus we'll hear from one of the youngest victims who ran from a twister. >>> and one man's record-breaking attempt happening right now on a fers i wheel. join us online. we're chatting it up on twitter and facebook. we'll be back in a moment. >>> happening right now, a way to break a record. a man in chicago is well on his way to breaking the world record for longest ferris wheel ride. he's approaching the 60-hour mark. that record is 30 hours and 35 seconds. once he hits that, he plans on spinning until he's at an even 48. >> a new asteroid will give earth a fly-by later this month. it
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6